Cruz Azul vs Atlas Ends in a Thrilling 2-2 Draw

In an electrifying match played on April 22, 2024, in Mexico’s Liga MX, Cruz Azul and Atlas delivered a performance that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. The game concluded with both teams sharing the spoils, as they drew 2-2.

Match Summary

The match commenced with high intensity as both teams looked to establish dominance early on. The drama unfolded right from the get-go, signaling an action-packed encounter ahead.

First Half Highlights

The first major event of the game occurred in the 10th minute when Atlas was awarded a penalty. Jhon Murillo of Atlas was fouled inside the box by Kevin Mier of Cruz Azul, leading to a penalty. Eduardo Aguirre stepped up and expertly converted the penalty to give Atlas an early lead. The goal was followed by a series of attempts from both teams, with Cruz Azul pushing hard for an equalizer. However, Atlas doubled their lead in the 38th minute through Jeremy Márquez, who found the net with a precise shot, making it 0-2 in favor of the visiting team. Cruz Azul managed to pull one back before halftime when Ignacio Rivero scored with a header in the 40th minute, narrowing the deficit to 1-2.

Second Half Drama

The second half saw Cruz Azul mounting pressure in search of an equalizer, while Atlas looked to extend their lead. Cruz Azul’s efforts finally paid off in the 71st minute when Camilo Cándido scored a sensational goal from outside the box, leveling the scoreline at 2-2. Both teams had several chances to clinch the victory in the dying minutes of the game, with Cruz Azul in particular coming close on multiple occasions. However, despite their best efforts, neither side was able to find the winning goal.

Key Moments

The game was not short of thrilling moments, from the early penalty awarded to Atlas to the spectacular equalizer by Camilo Cándido for Cruz Azul. The match saw a total of four goals, with both teams displaying remarkable resilience to stay in the contest.

Notable Performances

Rodrigo Huescas and Carlos Rotondi were among the standouts for Cruz Azul, creating numerous chances and coming close to scoring in the final minutes. For Atlas, goalkeeper Camilo Vargas made several key saves, helping his team secure a point away from home. Despite the missed opportunities, the players showed commendable spirit and determination throughout the game.


The thrilling encounter between Cruz Azul and Atlas ended in a 2-2 draw, leaving fans entertained and eagerly anticipating future matchups between these two competitive sides. Both teams demonstrated their ability to fight back and overcome adversity, setting the stage for an exciting remainder of the season in Liga MX.

Liga MX The article provides a retrospective on all the main events from the football match between Cruz Azul and Atlas played on 2024-04-22, in Liga MX Mexico. This match recap is provided in a manner to bring up to date all football fans which missed the live game with what happened during the 90 minute Cruz Azul – Atlas match.